FTP with FileZilla

Configuring the FileZilla FTP application will require 3 steps:

A) Download and Install the Program

B) Configure the Software

C) Connect and Upload/Download

Download and Install

1. Download the File FileZilla_3_3_5_1_setup.exe to your desktop (or a location where it will be easy to locate the file after if finishes downloading).

2. Double-click the file to start the installation program (see below)

3. Accept the End User License Agreement to proceed.

4. Select which users will have access to FileZilla

5. Choose the FileZilla's components you would like to install. The only necessary component is FileZilla Client, the other components are optional.

6. Choose a folder to install the program to. It is usually best to leave this setting at the default to prevent confusion. This will normally be within the "Program Files" folder.

7. Leave this setting as it is and click Next

Configure the Software

8. If unchecked, check on Start FileZilla now and then click Finish to install the program

9. When installation is complete and with FileZilla open, fill out the following textboxes. Under host type ftp.qcmortgage.com, the username and password will be provided to you by Quality Mortgage Services if you did not get an email please contact tech support at tech@qcmortgage.com, and the port is 990. When you are ready to transfer files click on Quickconnect.

10. To browse for files, choose a folder where FileZilla will look for files to upload under Local Site.

11. Whenever you click on Quickconnect a window will pop up notifying you about the security certificate, check on Always trust certificate in future sessions and click OK.

12. If the connection was sucessful you will see a message under the status window that says Status: Directory listing successfull. Files on the server will be displayed on the right of the window, files on your computer on the left. You can drag and drop files to move them from the local computer to the server, or vice versa. To delete a file that may have been accidentally uploaded to the server, select the file with your mouse and right-click and select 'Delete'. This will delete the file from the server and you can upload the correct file if necessary.

13. When you are finished uploading and downloading files, close the application.  This will also terminate your connection to the server.